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About Us

Alexander Street Montessori School

ASMS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the early education of children following the principles and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Statement of Mission

The mission of Alexander Street Montessori School is to provide a developmentally based learning environment grounded upon Montessori principles which guide and nurture the natural unfolding of the whole child.



"Alexander Street Montessori exceeds our expectations of what a high quality preschool should be. Ms. Jan is not only extremely qualified for her position, she takes pride in observing the childrens' individual development take place. She is very mindful of her teaching style and allows the children to self-correct during the learning process. Since starting preschool here, our son has dramatically developed into an independent and confident 3½ year old. We are very pleased with our experience at Alexander Street Montessori."

- Karina & Johnny


"As involved parents, we are very pleased with Alexander Street Montessori. Our two boys were ages 2 & 4 when they entered the school, and they thrived in the Montessori environment that Ms. Jan and her staff have created. They developed valuable day-to-day skills (manners, cutting with scissors, etc.), social skills, as well as traditional academic skills such as reading, writing and science.
Additionally, they both have become strong swimmers and are very comfortable in the pool - through the school's summer splash program. Overall, we highly recommend Alexander Street Montessori."

- Kristopher Unger & Dr. Susana Ramirez


"Miss Jan is masterful with the children. They respond to her and her teachings in a way that I can only describe as amazing.
I have never trusted any other person to care and teach my child more than I trust Jan. I have never questioned her safety or level of care or attention while she has been at Alexander Street."

- Anonymous


"We love how our children blossomed into their independence. They've learned practical life skills and love to put them to use!
Fantastic learning environment! Our children have had so much fun and have learned so much from Miss Jan.

- Anonymous


Veteran families say:

"We chose ASM because we wanted our son's first experience with 'formal' education to be creative, open and spontaneous."

"ASM allows my child to learn what comes naturally, while introducing new challenges."

"There is a strong sense of organization, self-discipline and great purpose."

"The atmosphere is warm and inviting."


"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words, but experience in the environment."

- Maria Montessori

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